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CEBS Certification
About the Program

​​​​Enroll in the new Certified Employee Benefit Specialist® (​​CEBS) program and earn the most respected designation in the benefits industry. You'll learn from health and retirement curriculum—Streamlined core courses, laser-focused content and less breadth and more depth mean now you can learn more in less time. 

​​The Group Benefits Associate (GBA) and the Retirement Plans Associate (RPA) form the core of the CEBS curriculum. Earn a designation in each of the specialty tracks and, at the same time, receive credit that will qualify toward earning the CEBS designation, which carries a five-course requirement.

​Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS)

The CEBS designation is a credential that is recognized for the depth and relevance of critical knowledge achieved. It draws from the GBA and RPA curriculum to build a total benefits perspective and is achieved by successfully completing all five required courses:

CEBS Designation

Group Benefits Associate (GBA)
For those working with health and other group benefits. The courses reflect the up-to-date and relevant information—including updates on health care reform—needed to effectively design, administer and communicate group benefits.​​

Retirement Plans Associate​ (RPA)
​For those who work with defined contribution and defined benefit plans or are involved with the management of plan assets. The courses reflect the most current and relevant information needed to effectively design and manage retirement plans.​​​

What Is Different?​

  • Enhanced study materials​ with case study scenarios to illustrate concepts
  • Study materials accessible online in addition to print

If this is the first course you are enrolling in, you must enroll in the new program. 

New CEBS Registration